We Customize, Get It Right, Create Results
Our training is intensive and hands-on, customized to effectively achieve the goals and
objectives of our clients. We strongly believe customization allows us to get to "the heart of the
matter," making training practical, to the point and ultimately successful.
Our proven methodology, developed from creating customized sales performance solutions for
hundreds of companies, addresses each client's unique sales issues. We collaborate with
management to understand business vision, strategy, goals and challenges, and then design
and deliver effective sales and sales management training seminars.
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I really appreciate the
connection you made with
each one of us, the stories
you told to make the
information more
memorable, the constructive
critique (not at all critical),
the assessments we did, the
role plays, and all of the
skills you have now equipped
us with. I feel like I can now
take on the world.

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Drive thy business or it will drive thee.
- Benjamin Franklin
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Our customized sales training seminars, sales coaching and consulting services equip
salespeople and sales managers with the strategies, tactics and sales skills to help them to
succeed and consistently produce bottom-line results in today’s volatile, competitive
marketplace. With over 25 years experience working with diverse businesses and sales
challenges, we have the expertise to enable virtually any company increase sales performance.
  • We provide solid approaches to increasing sales effectiveness and breakthrough sales
    results – not the "same old" sales training.
  • We build repeatable sales approaches that helps salespeople build confidence and
    consistently adapt to market changes.
  • Our methodologies of experiential learning, customized case studies and coaching create
    immediate and long-term behavioral change.
  • We arm sales managers and salespeople with realistic strategies, practical  tactics and  
    skills for real-life client and prospect situations.
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